Mazdevallia Cat Shark Earrings

By Mazdevallia


Wade into unchartered waters with this season’s most-wanted earrings. At an audacious 180mm long, Catshark are longer than your Gorman wishlist. The design is inspired by bioluminescent fish – deep water swimmers that glow in the dark, transforming the ocean’s blue light into green. That luminous magic comes to life in Catshark’s cool colour palette, made super spesh with a sparkly silver disc. Each earring has two iridescent tails that hang down for extra bling. As the show-stoppers of the Andromeda Beach collection, Catshark embodies the Mazdevallia ethos: more is more.

Length: 180 mm
Width: 45 mm at the widest part

Metallic silver and hand painted Piñatex®, hand painted cork leather, iridescent PVC, hand painted abstract designs on hand cut polymer clay shapes. 

Piñatex® is a beautiful vegan friendly, natural, sustainably produced textile that was developed for use as a sustainable alternative to mass produced leather. The hand cut Piñatex® components have a pastel pink painted back.

*Please note* -  As these earrings are made by hand, there may be some slight variations in the colours and shapes to the pair pictured.

At only 5g each, these earrings are ultra-lightweight, use stirling silver ear wires and are comfortable to wear. They can easily be worn all day.

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