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The Bruna V Back Sports Bra - Jungle Green

The Bruna V Back Sports Bra - Jungle Green

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Immerse yourself in nature with our best-seller, the Bruna Sports Bra, now reimagined in an invigorating Jungle Green shade. This head-turner from F.lux combines playful sophistication with high-performance capabilities, setting a new standard for your activewear with its high-quality fabric and stitching.

The Bruna Sports Bra is far more than just a garment. It's a celebration of curves, empowerment, and the perfect fusion of fashion and fitness. Now, this Jungle Green version goes a step further, sculpting your figure with our premium, high-quality fabric, enhancing your silhouette unlike any other.

The bra's sexy V-back design will captivate you, while the crossover fabric with enclosed elastic at the front enhances this activewear masterpiece's versatility and comfort. High-quality stitching ensures durability, whether you're crushing your gym goals, perfecting your yoga poses, or rocking a casual street look, the Jungle Green Bruna Sports Bra is your trusted companion.

However, the Bruna Sports Bra isn't just about looking good; it's about doing good too. Made from sustainable biodegradable stretch fabric, this eco-friendly activewear supports your fitness journey while caring for the planet. You can strut, stretch and sweat in style, knowing that you're making a positive environmental impact.

Crafted with love, our Bruna Sports Bra testifies to our commitment to fair-trade practices. Each link in our production chain respects ethical labour principles, making this garment a victory for both your wardrobe and global fairness.

Elevate your workout and streetwear style with the Bruna Sports Bra, a chic, sustainable choice for the sophisticated and eco-conscious woman. Ready to embrace the Jungle Green? Shop now and introduce a touch of wild allure to your activewear collection!
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